Each of the 11 SOMA sessions lasts approximately 90 minutes. Here's a breakdown:


  A wonderful session that flies on it's own. Dealing primarily with the fascia and muscles of the lungs and ribcage, you will feel tremendous afterward and it lasts! What happens:  circulation is allowed to increase, due to the release and relaxation obtained in chest the area. We take your ribcage and enhance your ability to inhale more deeply. If the capacity of your lungs and the circulation in your chest cavity are heightened, you get more fresh, oxygenated blood in places that have long been forgotten. Clients usually get a lot accomplished and experience the meaning of vigor after session one.

After spending a week in the clouds, session two is spent primarily from knee down. Fallen arches, hammer toes, plantar fascitis or whatever impedes your physical connection to this earth is addressed. Time will be spent working together with your gait and a way of walking that allows your body to align itself and allows the sessions to last well beyond our time together.

  This time we comprehensively navigate your body, recapping sessions one and two. Adhesions or tough, tender spots we've discovered are focused on as well as the relationship of your rib cage to pelvis--and Structural Integration (SI) is about the pelvis;  how the pelvic bone sits in your body directly affects your back, your legs, it's all connected!  We've now prepared your body for the subsequent deep work called "the core".
  Our core work continues with the pelvis and legs, focusing on the muscle group called the adductors. The inner thigh and the calves carry much more tension than people realize. These areas do not need to be tender or painful.  Stretching and massage keep these areas clear of unnecessary adhessions and previously mentioned 'knots'.  Yoga, too, will further the staying power of SI, and so plan to take home a few valuable poses as homework.  We can have a practice before or after any of our sessions together if you can make the time.
  The psoas or belly session.  Muscles cross joints and without them bones wouldn't move. The psoas crosses the pelvis, bringing the femur forward, it initiates walking.  This is your core and if this muscle is at peace, you will find things in your life seem to fall into place. Coming from your core gives you grace.
  We've been working with your back from many angles but now we dive in. Calves, hamstrings, gluteals and your back propper are the focus in this session.
  The crowning session. Shoulders, neck and head are our focus. This is a yummy session that usually leaves you feeling taller. Feeling taller makes you taller—think about it.
  These two sessions are interchangeable as Eight focuses on the lower body and Nine the upper. We are checking our work together, making sure nothing has gone unnoticed.
  'The Arm Session': SOMA's new baby. In our process of evolution, we have become chronic users of these opposable thumbs. Coming into the shoulder girdle one last time to irradicate any specific and lingering issues that seem to plague you.
  Congratulations: you are integrated. I like to say we are smoothing the frosting around. We are putting all the pieces in a wonderful relation to one another. Lots of work with joints and a very relaxing session.
  The success of Soma relies on the relationship we develop together. Structural Integration is not a passive treatment. I do not DO Soma to you—we do it together. At any time if you are uncomfortable it is up to you to tell me so we can do something about it. I am not a mind reader though I do consider myself intuitive, as will you be once you are integrated. Soma makes you trust yourself. You will be more ambidextrous than in the past and many other delightful things that come into play with your individual body/mind. You will be very in touch and more at ease with your body. We will have learned much.

I think Structural Integration is so effective that I guarantee our first session together. Trying Session One does not obligate you to any further sessions.  I am happy to discuss with you any questions and how Soma can benefit you, free of charge.  Please call me and we'll get you integrated.  Be in your body!


All contents and images © 2002 Tressa James